Photographers in montreal

Photographers in Montreal

Indian wedding photographers in Montreal

Photographers in Montreal

Photographers in Montreal Canada

Best Photographers in Montreal is Creative video production. There are many photographers in the whole country, and it is very foremost to choose the best photographers among them. being an Indian best photographer in Montreal I can say I got lots of respect from my client’s lots of recommendations from people.

Well, it was not that easy to get respect from people to get recommendations. we did a lot of effort to win this respect.

My Journey starts in India when I was just 18 years old and I was looking for success in my career, however, I used to love photography since my childhood. and I was passionate about photography, and this passion ended up with a good opportunity when I started working with a good director in India and got informative knowledge about cameras, lenses, and other pertaining gear, which could make my career brighter and I kept doing work with the same director for 5 years continuously. then after 6 years of working with that director.

Start my photography journey in Canada

I got a chance to move to Canada in 2002, however, it was a really challenging part for me to live in Canada in the initial stage but over the period of time, everything was going settling, and started my photography business finally in 2007 in Montreal (Laval).

Challenge faced in Montreal

Being a new photographer in 2007 I faced a lot of challenging parts to achieve a milestone. There were a plethora of photographers working diligently in Montreal Back at that time, but still finding the best photographer in Montreal was difficult, then I started advertising my business to the people around me like friends, relatives, neighbors, and soon I was the talk of the town and start shooting good weddings, good Indian weddings.

Cameras and lenses

Camera and lens purchasing was very costly in those days, but somehow I worked hard simultaneously with photography and business over the period of time I had purchased each and every foremost gear of photography which was very important to shoot my client unforgettable memories.

Become a famous photographer in Montreal

Soon I started getting goog events in Montreal like stage shows, fashion shows, song shoots, etc. but I most love to shoot weddings. anyways I started getting recommendations from people and started getting lots of calls from different 2 places around Canada and America, I must say I put a lot of effort to become the best Indian photographer in Montreal.

our services

  • Pre – Wedding shoot
  • Wedding shoot
  • Birthday shoot
  • Event shoot
  • Maternity Shoot
  • Song Shoot
  • Interview Shoot

We provide the Best video shoot services to clients and premium photo albums. we always deliver impeccable end products to clients so that we can maintain our reputation around the country. because our team is working diligently, and professionally every day, they all are professional in their own fields.

So in the last, I would like to tell you that if you really want to get your wedding events captured from us just visit our website or contact us by phone call. contact details are given below.

You can also visit our office to see our final products.

Full Address and contact detail Below:-

our office address – 4748, roger Lemelin, Fabreville H7R 0B6, Laval (Quebec).

Our Website –

E-mail –

Call us at – 514-9830864

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